Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Little Girl with a Tipi

Here is a great vintage image of a young girl decked out in her finest native american clothes (I'm assuming this...no writing on the back of the photo, so I'm just making this up folks!) standing in front of a sweet Tipi. (or Tee Pee..as I spelled it when saving this photo) I was sorting and organizing some of my ephemera collection today and this popped up as needing to be posted. So there it is, enjoy!


  1. Very cool! Check out Nomadic Tipis online when you are bored sometime. This is probably where I will purchase my tipi. Want to have custom pictograph horses or something like that painted on the outside in washed out colors. And I shall build a deck for under it with a firepit in the middle. Probably a 16-20 foot diameter one. Awwww....to dream is sweet!

  2. My people own allllllllll the land inside this tipi. America says we can keep it forever and ever! Whoop! Here comes a bulldozer.

    It's okay though. I'm learning to deal blackjack and someday the white man will give me all his money because the odds always favor the house. He cursed us with firewater, in return we give him a $20 comp and free buffet, and in the long run, we win.