Saturday, September 26, 2009

Daddy Rite Comes Home

Here is 'Daddy Rite' on his way home with toys for his 'Rite' children. So strange..the house looks relatively normal. Daddy? Not so normal looking.
The 'Rite Family' illustrations from the vintage children's book continue. Dang, these are like a car wreck, freaky and yet fascinating.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Daddy Rite

As promised, more of the vintage 'Rite Family' children's book. This here is 'Daddy Rite'. (said in my Northern Indiana, Central Texas drawl...) Very odd guy with his stumpy little arms with no hands. What kind of work do you think he does? He's got the uniform of an upper class businessman, banker maybe, well, kind of...The pants remind me of my Father who always wore plaid, sometimes three different plaids at once in the form of a hat, shirt and god awful golf style pants. His last wife broke him of the pants but no one could stop the hat and shirt combo. That being said, I never saw my Father in an outfit like this. Maybe he wasn't a 'Daddy Rite'? I don't know, this guy scares me a bit with his freaky eyes and lack of hair and ears...good lord what a nightmare!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Mother Rite

This is a page from a vintage turn of the century children's book about the 'Rite Family'. Very bizarre stuff I think. I will add more of the 'Rite' folks in the coming posts. In the meantime, here is 'Mother Rite'. Put that in your head and have weird dreams!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Temporary Container

I took this photo of a cardboard box containing the ashes of a friend a few years back. After we distributed them around the property I then put this box into the bonfire. Fitting I think. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust and ashes back to fire. I was struck by the idea that we all are just 'Temporary Containers' and that someday we will either be in a cardboard box, an urn or a fancy box underground...Whoa. Maybe to dark for this rainy Weds? I don't consider this depressing, just a reality that needs to be looked at once in a while in order to keep pushing me forward in my life. Having experienced death firsthand and up close and personal two times made it less frightening to me. Once really was enough, but the second time helped to cement my feelings and attitude toward it. Not afraid of it, I just want to live a very full, good life. And then have a good death. That's it for today from this 'Temporary Container'.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Brother and Sister

This is a great CDV (carte de visite) photo of a brother and sister. I know, they both have dresses on, but believe me I studied this carefully and determined that the seated one is most definitely a boy! I guess this was the tradition back then (1860's) I sold this on ebay a few years ago but kept the copy of the image because it was so nice. I guess you can say this blog and my life, has a bit of a focus on gender and questions regarding it. From one who has spent most of her life defending her 'sex' I am very interested in the gender bending. One example is the typical double take that women make when walking into a restroom when I'm standing at the sink washing my hands. I really do try to femme it up, but I can't help who and how I am. Even with toenail polish and a purse I've had people call me sir. Really? Really!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

This is kind of how I feel today...although without the big boobs or hot night on Bourbon St. I picked up this small gossip mag from a great antique mall in the Boston area. 1960's era. Great stuff! My face and neck are swollen from an infected molar that will be leaving my mouth first thing Monday morning (I hope!) I spent most of yesterday trying to back up my new computer which was crashing and burning left and right....which caused me to practically pull my hair out! In spite of all this, I am still a very happy camper. I have antibiotics and pain pills and I am better off than most of the world.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Two Garden Sprites

I have no idea where this photo came from. But I've got to say I like it a lot. They look like two little garden 'sprites' or elves or fairies or somethin' like that. I especially like the girl on the right with the big bows in her hair staring directly at the camera. And what is the story with the gal on the left with the garden gnome hat on?? Today has been a troublesome day loaded with lots of computer drama rama. I have had a hard time not screaming or crying or tossing my computer. I don't know if it's even fixed or not, but I am stopping with all the disc cleaning and defragging and trouble shooting. My next step is to re-install the operating system and I am loathe to do that and lose all my files that I've not backed up. Oh good lord help me!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Two "Broke Back" Cowgirls

I picked up this photo of these two 'cowgirls' with a friend of theirs at an estate sale here in Central Texas. I believe that this is at least a couple of gals from the 1920's who like women... a lot. Like Ellen likes women, got it? There is no writing or identification on it, but other photos from the same estate have boys dressed as girls and so forth. I'm hoping my 'gaydar' is still working...god only knows the older I get, everyone looks like a lesbian to me. Well, except the boys. I will post more in the days that follow.