Sunday, October 18, 2009

5 Farm Women With Hats

I have no idea who these women are or why they are assembled here with their hats. But I would love to have had any one or all of them as a relative. At least three of them look like they are having a ball. Two in the middle look a bit gruff and yet they are wearing the hats! What a great group of gals! They remind me of my Great Grandmother and a couple of her daughters (my Aunts) who were farm wives through and through. Boy oh boy could they cook. And Xmas at their house was fabulous!

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  1. "Oh, for pity's sake, Flossie's chokin' on that lemon drop you give her. I told her not to put that in her mouth with no teeth in to grab on it with, and you see, here I am, right again. Well you can just wait now 'til the photograph's been taken and then someone'll thump you on the back or shake you by your ankles, the photographer's only paid up til 4, and it's just two minutes to four now, and I don't want to miss this picture."