Friday, October 2, 2009

Love this vintage photo of a young boy and his wagon! He's got his 'rambler racer' and his leather cap on to protect him from injury should he crash...I would imagine this is from the 1920's or so.


  1. He got rooked! His parents were too cheap to spring for a Radio Flyer at the local Woolworth's. Wife: "But that's not the brand I heard about on the morning 'Cookin' n' Child-Rearin' RCA talking box program, dear."

    "It's fine, it's good enough for the boy, he won't know the difference. It's red, isn't it? Christ. When I was a kid, the closest I got to one of those was wiping my ass with a picture of it on a Sears catalog page. Come on, we need to get cigarettes and vodka for Yahtzee night."

  2. Love this! Thanks for giving me that image!!