Sunday, February 28, 2010

Little Boy with Turkeys

OMG this is such an strange image. Love the helmet and goggles!  I bet the turkeys wonder what is up with the football.  Hell, I wonder what is up with the turkeys, football and the parents setting this shot up?!  Are the turkeys on this guy's team or what?? And who or what is the other team?


  1. I'm thinking the aviator cap and goggles indicate that the boy is about to fly those turkeys, which was possible back in the '30s when the birds were hardier and hadn't been pumped full of so many hormones to plump them that their wings couldn't support their own weight. As for the football, well, it seems clear to me that, heh heh heh, that the boy's, heh heh ha ha ha, he's...he's gonna play in the DUST BOWL! Bah ha ha ha!

    Ah, seriously, it's nice that in a yard full of sharp, broken junk, the parents have up that chain link fence to keep junior from getting out and hurting himself.

  2. You have no idea how much I'm laughing at this right now! Thank you!

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