Friday, March 12, 2010

Brother and Sister

Such a great image!  I believe this is a brother and sister taken in the 1940's.  Not much to say about them.  I bought a big box of photos from the best estate sale ever.  They were in it, along with many other captured moments in their family.  I wonder what happened to all of them that their earthly belongings ended up in a big metal warehouse with the likes of me digging through them?


  1. "All right kids, I'm gonna take one more, and Billy, as God is my witness, if you blink again, I'll tan your hyde, boy. The Depression starts tomorrow and we won't be able to afford film again 'til you're dead and gone from the diptheria, so you had better keep 'em open this time. It's not like filmless cameras that let you keep takin' pictures until you get a nice one at no extra cost will ever exist. One nice picture is all I want, you've wasted the whole roll with your Blinky Mcblinkblink bull doodle, and if your twin sister is old enough to keep her eyes open and smile happily so we can look at it in fifteen years and say 'Times was good, then,' even though times was really only so-so, then goddammit, so are you. This is the end of the roll, we got one chance, so you better keep those eyeballs showing, we can get a picture of 'em closed when you're in your coffin in a few years, on account of the diptheria. Now, on three: one...two...three!"

  2. OMG, Scott...I so look forward to your comments. Thank you so much. Great stuff!

  3. Heh heh...yeah. I'm good at the kinda things that bring in no income...