Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Famous for being famous #1

Here's some really fine weirdness for your viewing pleasure!  It just so happens that at one time in my life I had 'access' to the finer things in life...and oh yeah, the strange relatives that go with it.  My ex is related to Ms. Iris Love, who is known as 'being famous for being famous".  We were always invited to these 'dog parties' at Tavern On The Green in NYC during Westminster,  but I never had the opportunity to go.  I'm quite sure it was a freak show, and so I'm not so sad about that.  But, saving the invites and posting them here is even more fun than hanging with the rich and famous and their dogs.  La-te-freaking-dah!


  1. "Look, Eats His Own Poo! See smoke signal! It from costume rental company! They heap angry we not yet return headdress with fake eyeglasses and that we speakum this way, since they are real Injuns themselves! Ha! They fall for trap, now we have war at dawn! I must drink much water tonight to awaken before light and our surprise attack, but will set Bose clock radio as backup. I, Dances With the Stars, shall have many scalps of my enemies. I...where's my firewater? Wha? I'll tell ya when I've had enough! I'm not drivin' home, my dog is! I put a block on the pedal, tha's how! Oh, I am SO takin yer scalp t'morrow morning, ya continent-stealin' paleskin douchebag...I call you "Running...Hemmorhoid."

  2. Scott- You so 'get' it! I love your comments!