Sunday, December 26, 2010

Saturday Night Fever at the Scientific Supply Store

Ok, ok, I know it looks as if this dapper guy is ready to go bust some moves with John Travolta at the disco, but what the hey is he doing at the store with all the microscopes??  Maybe preparing some slides to examine after going to the club? Slides of what you might ask? Use your imagination on that!
 Good god almighty, I'm glad folks don't dress like this intentionally any more.  What were we all thinking back then?? Probably about the same thing we think now when we buy a snuggie or other weird crapadelicious thing.  But hey, Merry, merry xmas and such to all and Happy New Year!


  1. "Ay dere, welcome to Sal's Microscopes and Binoculars and Movie Cameras. As you ca' see by the name on my bracelet, I am Sal. Microscopes is the shit right now, some guys that ain't me even need 'em in the bathroom, if y' know what I mean, heh heh. You ca' also use one to view the fine-ass weave of my white velvet suit, top-notch fabric from Sicily, not the cheap shit ya' paint a Elvis onto. As you ca' see behind me - if you ca' bear to take ya' eyes offa me - I also sell movie cameras an' film an'at crap, for when you wanna capcha' dose special times. Some places won't develop movie films of dose special special times, heh heh, you get me, but don't worry 'bout it wit me. I'm very discreet and would never make copies to sell to bachela parties or nothin'. So, feel free to take a look aroun' and den you wanna go in da back n' bang?"

  2. Well he was obviously going to examine the properties of groovy when interacting with the element of funky. As any good scientist did after getting a grant and clear platform heels from the Travolta Fever Fund. To be fair, they did a lot of cocaine then...A LOT.
    Thank you for the oddities, we love 'em!