Friday, May 21, 2010

I Got a White Tee Shirt!

I don't know why, but the full on, white tee shirt boy, staring straight into the camera, and the starkness of this shot really speaks to me.  Does that even make sense? (I know, maybe too many comma's or a run on and on sentence...)  Don't care, I just think it's such a great shot, I may have to do a piece of art based on this.  It's all about the boy and his shirt!  Maybe it's just that all of my shirts have coffee and food stains down the front of them now that I am older, and I'm jealous of his 'whitey whites'...


  1. Oddly padded, the shirt, or something, with the lines on it. You know what's almost a story in itself in this picture is that the kid isn't the thing in focus, the trees and house in back are. He's blurred and they're crystal clear, as if the photographer was more interested in them than in him, or liked them better or something. Probably just a focus issue, but it almost seems like one of those photos where somneone took a picture of their house and later it was developed and a blurry figure was in the shot, a ghost of a long-dead child.

  2. Wow, great observation. Maybe so...

  3. Or SOMEone didn't know how to focus the camera.