Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ride 'Em Cowgirl!

...and run away little doggie!  This is so incredibly strange I hardly know what to say.  The dog is frightened, the horse looks freaked and I don't know what else...I hope she doesn't have a gun in that hand.  Yee haw, ride em cowgirl!


  1. "Didja take it yet? Take the goddamn photograph Henry and get me awf this thing. Henry! I don't care the dog's still inna frame, take it! I ony got up hear so you'd have a funny picture for ya stupid vacation slides ya make everyone look at, I want awf! Thing's gonna run off any second! Take it Henry, or so help me Gawd, I'll get you passed-out drunk tonight and nail yer testicles to the floor and then when you're starting to come around a little, I'll pull the goddamn fire alarm and you'll jump up so fast ya won't even know what's happenin' 'til ya see yer grapes alone onna floor way down at ya feet; I swear I will make you castrate yourself you jackass if you don't take that photograph and get me AWF THIS HAWSE."

  2. Thanks Scott! Absolutely the best so far! I love it!