Thursday, June 10, 2010

WW2 Soldier Photo

Interesting posed WW2 soldier...Love the backdrop,maybe in the Pacific, but hey, then again, maybe in New Jersey.  And no disrespect meant, I would swear this is really a woman in soldier boy drag.  Hey, it's possible...comments please?


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  2. "Connnnnstannnnt...Craaaaaaving...has allllllllwayyyyys beee--oh! Hi, didn't see you there...uh, I like to sing them KD Lang songs sometimes to myself, gets me in the mood to fight them japs n' krauts n' guineas...oh yeah, Italy was our enemy too, y'know. People don't seem to mention that much no more in your time. Anyways, I ain't KD Lang, up close you can see I'm a fella, just one of them creepy ones from the '30s and '40s. You don't see us too much no more, dunno why. Think John-John from Laurel n' Hardy's March of the Wooden Soldiers. Even Edward G. Robinson. Y'know.

    The real mystery is, where the hell am I sittin'? At first it seems like doorstep, but then you notice it's not. Why, it's a fake window in some fake alcove, with fake leaves, some design on the side, a curtain, and I sure ain't sittin' on steps. Seems to be more like a housekeeping cart from a hotel or something. None of it adds up. My guess is I'm on a set during the filming of The Wizard of Oz."