Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dancing Girl

I'm a dancin', dancin', dancin' fool!  Here is my odd photo for today.  No idea of who she is or what or why she is doing...I'm sitting in a coffee house in the middle of nowhere soaking up the ac and jesus music.  Wow, got to love that!


  1. She appears to be very sweetly and adorably setting some sort of very sweet and adorable lethal human trap, intended to attract people with shiny bangles that seem to be floating like sweet, adorable fairies in the air, but are actually affixed to a simply precious, nearly invisible, strand of just-darling razor wire that will decapitate them adorably for her collection of lovably huggable human skulls...

  2. Thanks Scott...that image will stay in my head for quite a while!

  3. At least it's a sweet, adorable image...