Thursday, July 15, 2010

Party Time Paradise!

What can I say about this image?  What will Scott say?  What will the numerous asian character comments be? (damn, I wish I could read those...anyone, anyone?)  One guy, two women, beer bottles and a straw hat...sounds like a party to me!  Let 'er rip folks...give me all the comments you can, I've been living up on a mountain top in the woods and the internet is hard to get up there, so I'll post when I can, yee haw!

1 comment:

  1. "All right. All right. I hoped my kooky straw hat would make this evening enough fun that Chuck wouldn't need to drink or smoke but it's fine. He stole a straw hat from someone and rendered my straw hat useless, and now he's got a cigarette even though he says he quit that, but I'm not mad. He probably wouldn't have told me my hands are the size of Yeti hands if he hadn't had eight drinks even though he said he quit that, but I'm NOT mad. Yes, he's stroking that B-word Gladys's knee with his shoeless foot even though he SAYS HE QUIT THAT, but I'm NOT MAD. JESUM H. CROW, I wish I had another button at the top of my shirt I could button up to help contain my non-rage!"