Monday, September 21, 2009

Brother and Sister

This is a great CDV (carte de visite) photo of a brother and sister. I know, they both have dresses on, but believe me I studied this carefully and determined that the seated one is most definitely a boy! I guess this was the tradition back then (1860's) I sold this on ebay a few years ago but kept the copy of the image because it was so nice. I guess you can say this blog and my life, has a bit of a focus on gender and questions regarding it. From one who has spent most of her life defending her 'sex' I am very interested in the gender bending. One example is the typical double take that women make when walking into a restroom when I'm standing at the sink washing my hands. I really do try to femme it up, but I can't help who and how I am. Even with toenail polish and a purse I've had people call me sir. Really? Really!

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  1. Up until the early 20th century, I think, little boys and girls both wore "dresses." Even pictures of my uncles from the late '40s show them in girly-ish clothing. I'm not sure if it was just easier to change them that way in a pre-"wet-ones" era or if materials were stiffer then or hotter and kids hated them or what...