Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Temporary Container

I took this photo of a cardboard box containing the ashes of a friend a few years back. After we distributed them around the property I then put this box into the bonfire. Fitting I think. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust and ashes back to fire. I was struck by the idea that we all are just 'Temporary Containers' and that someday we will either be in a cardboard box, an urn or a fancy box underground...Whoa. Maybe to dark for this rainy Weds? I don't consider this depressing, just a reality that needs to be looked at once in a while in order to keep pushing me forward in my life. Having experienced death firsthand and up close and personal two times made it less frightening to me. Once really was enough, but the second time helped to cement my feelings and attitude toward it. Not afraid of it, I just want to live a very full, good life. And then have a good death. That's it for today from this 'Temporary Container'.

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  1. Love it, as strange as that may sound. My father, who passed away many years ago when I was 21, is still stored in just such a container, at my mom's place, tucked on a high shelf in a dark hall closet no one ever opens. It strikes me funny that in this day of consumerism, service, and lawsuits, that such a disclaimer needs to be made. But I do understand the need to absolve oneself of all possible responsibilities every chance you get. Its what we do best, after all. But for the sake of argument, exactly what could I possibly do to contents of this container to render its "contents" worse off, need I say, ultimately "damaged"? Darn it...I've spilled my coffee on Dad and now I've really ruined him. Dang..Mom's gonna be sooo pissed...

    From one temporary container to another, thank you for making me think...again.