Friday, September 25, 2009

Daddy Rite

As promised, more of the vintage 'Rite Family' children's book. This here is 'Daddy Rite'. (said in my Northern Indiana, Central Texas drawl...) Very odd guy with his stumpy little arms with no hands. What kind of work do you think he does? He's got the uniform of an upper class businessman, banker maybe, well, kind of...The pants remind me of my Father who always wore plaid, sometimes three different plaids at once in the form of a hat, shirt and god awful golf style pants. His last wife broke him of the pants but no one could stop the hat and shirt combo. That being said, I never saw my Father in an outfit like this. Maybe he wasn't a 'Daddy Rite'? I don't know, this guy scares me a bit with his freaky eyes and lack of hair and ears...good lord what a nightmare!


  1. It's like the old Man in the Moon drawings was granted a body and two tumors for arms...?

  2. Yup...that' pretty much it! Major creep out!!